About Us

Liam Collins 

Alloy Wheel Repair Clinic Dublin
Established in 1987, Liam Collins (owner) established “Collins Engineering” which has been at the forefront of the Precision Engineering & Tool Making industry throughout the last 24 years within Ireland.

With the use of cutting edge technology and specialist machinery we have been able to supply our customers with a service that is not easily matched. Combining years of experience and state of the art engineering equipment we were able to branch out into the alloy wheel repair sector which we now lead. www.WeFixAlloyWheels.ie

Our customers come from near and far to acquire our expert services whether it be in Precision Engineering or Alloy Wheel repair and refurbishment services specializing in Diamond cutting.

At Alloy Wheel and Tyre clinic throughout the years we have developed our own unique alloy repair processes and tooling which ensures that our services are precise and efficient. Other companies try to replicate our skills, techniques and processes, however fall short.