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Welcome to our Powder Coating Dublin page, having just Invested in a brand new powder coating system, we now provide a full factory matching the process unbeaten by the original alloy manufactures (OEM), If you Googled Power Coating, Power Coating Dublin or Power Coating Services Dublin, then you already know who the best Power Coating Services are around Dublin City. Google doesn't lie...

Benefits of Powder Coating Wheels

The environment in which a Alloy wheel operates can be very harsh. The Powder Coating system can offer many benefits over liquid paint. Powder coating ability to withstand wear, pressure, or resistance to corrosion, flaking and chipping that may result from stones, and other debris.

Powder Coating Alloy Wheels – The Process

Stripping; The alloy wheels are stripped back to the metal to remove all the old  paints, primers and break dust. they are then washed and dried and completely clean of contaminants

Shot Blasting; The clean dry wheels will be shot blasted to provide a heyed surface to accept the primmer paints.

Damage; we will now inspect the alloy wheels for any damage, if the area is very bad we re-weld with aluminium rod and work back to its original shape and profile.

Pre-heat; rims then will be now preheated for 25- 30 min to remove all air, this insure no air escapes when the alloys are painted.

Primer; Powder primer is now applied over the whole rim, using our brand new Powder Coating gun, the wheels are re-heated to cure the power primer.

Colour: we use the same paint as the best wheel manufacture. Powder Coating high gloss or low gloss finishes, metallic and clear finishes powder coating make it a perfect choice for Powder Coating wheels. Contact our Powder Coating department today!

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