Diamond Cutting Services Dublin

Welcome to our Diamond Cutting page, at Alloy Wheel and Tyre Clinic we were the first Diamond cutting service in Ireland, we are precision engineers with experience of over 20 years which means your alloys are diamond cut to highest standard with as little as 0.25mm – 0.50mm cut off the alloys. Also rejuvenates them back to the original manufacturers condition.

Diamond Cutting Process

If you want your alloys diamond cut back to original manufacturers condition Alloy wheel bray is the place for you.

The alloys will be stripped back to the metal, and repainted to your choice of color and using a CNC lathe . Our master engineers will skim a small layer off the alloy from the surface of the wheel to reproduce the original alloy diamond cut finish. Two coats of Lacquer is then applied to protect the finish Customers need to take care of the Diamond cut rims even small stone chips can over time effect the Lacquer. Clients will be given a care sheet when collecting their alloys.

The wheel must run true to ensure the CNC lathe cuts evenly and precisely across the surface of the alloy wheel, if the wheel is  buckled or distorted we can solve this problem also. If you are looking for a Diamond Cutting company in Dublin, Call the experts!

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