Split Rims

Split rims are a type of rims used on motor vehicles – especially larger vehicles such as forklifts, tractors, bulldozers, trailers etc. The way to identify split rims is to examine your wheel, if you have split rims there should be a ring around the outer edge of your rims that is separate from, but which seems connected to the outer circumference of the rims and sits around the inner circumference of the tyre; this ring has a small gap – or split in it and is called a lock ring. Split rims are easily distinguished from regular rims as a regular rim is one solid structure with no additions, whereas a split rim has the lock ring.

There are many warnings attached with the handling of split rims as they can be quite dangerous and here is why; the lock ring that comes with split rims has been known to fly off and becomes quite a dangerous projectile while a person inflates his/her tires, especially because a person’s face and body are so close to the rim while inflating a tire.

Split rims are very  complex to refurbish, we have over 10 years of experience in Split rim refurbishment. Great care is needed in removing the bolts using the correct equipment on the job process. the process  from start to finish takes about two days to complete.

We have refurbished in total 60 sets of Bentley and prose rims to our name, when it comes to split rim refurbishment we are the best in the land.

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